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PLC based motion control system from 1 to 4 axis


Keywords: motion control system, motion controller, servo motor motion control, multi-axis motion control system, actuator control.

1. Brief introduction for motion control system:
The technology of motion control has a wide application in the automatic mechanical industry, such as XY worktable, robot, robotic arm, glue dispenser, glue dropping machine, positioning for material feeding, wheel cutting, flying shear, flying saw etc.
In order to integrate a motion control system, all the below parts are included:
1. Main controller:
     Finish the human-machine interaction, calculation, data storage, some systems also need interpolation calculation.
     Platform: PC.
2. Motion controller:
     Finish the interpolation calculation, pulse output and connection with motor driver, position detection, logical processing (position limit and operational signals) etc.
     Platform: PC card or the self-running independent motion controller.
3. Motor and its driver:
     Actuator for actual running.
     Platform: stepper or AC servo motor.
2. Our motion control system kits:
Based on rich experience in the motion control field, we developed the hardware & software integrated motion controller, Touch screen teach pendant, and PCB terminal board. All these can help users to build a complete motion control system in a fast and simple way.
3. The schematic diagram of electric control system
4. Configuration for the 1-4 axis motion control system:
Motion controller
1 set
1. Built-in the software of motion control system, program the motion trail by the touch screen through the way of imaging lead-through teaching, that is very easy and fast, without code programming.
2. Interchange data with any PLC through the way of I/O link using the open protocol, ports of 5I/1O are necessary for the user’s PLC. 
PCB terminal block
1 set
Five groups of connection terminals for servo (stepper) drivers.
Touch screen teach pendant
1 set
7” TFT, embed in software of touch screen, support the programming way of imaging lead-through teach.
Servo motor and its driver
1-4 sets
Stepper motor is optional according to the real need.
Photo electricity switch of groove profile
1-4 pcs /axis
Detection distance: 5mm, voltage:5-24VDC, output type: NPN.
Each axis supports the following position information: zero, zero approach, +position limit, -position limit.
5. Functional description for the software of teach pendant:
1). Man-machine interaction:
Input, edit and save the motion trails. Support the image elements such as point, line, 3 points circular arc, fold line, multipoint curve, special function (user-defined). The input way is lead-through teaching.
2). Data processing:
Programming the motion trail according to the input picture, finish the interpolation calculation and save data.
3). Built-in driver:
The port and driver for pulse output and motor’s driver are built in the software, and the input & output for position detection, logic processing (position limit signal, operational signal etc) are also included in.
4). Backup the data:
Can backup the input data through the USB port copy.
5). User’s interface:
User can interchange the data with any PLC through the way of I/O link, and finish the control functions that is user-defined . Ports of 5I/1O are necessary for the user’s PLC and using the open protocol.   
6. Interfaces show for touch screen software:  
1). Running screen:
2). Teaching screen:
3). Optional screen for running trail:
4). Manual mode (inching) operational screen:
5). Point editing operational screen:
6). Parameters set screen:   
 7. The actual application cases:
1). All kinds of single arm robot, beam type robotic arms.
2). All kinds of glue dispenser, plastic dropping machine, decoration machine etc.
3).Depositing machine, flying shear etc.


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