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Automatic Cutting for Brass Faucet Castings


Key words:  Automatic cutting for brass faucet castings;   CNC cold saw cutting machine;   Casting cloak clearance; Material outlet removal; Robotic saw machine;  Castings’ runner and riser cutting machine;   CNC four-axis cast brass faucet cutting machine; CNC cutting machine for reading; Faucet foundry cutting machine; Water faucet cutting machine;  Brass die pressing cutting machine 

Videos show:

Automatic Cutting for Brass Faucet Castings

Automatic Cutting for Brass or Cooper Castings

Brass Castings Cutting Machine for Faucet

   Using the circular  saw, finish automatic linear cutting for brass faucet castings.

◆ Features:
   Safe, efficient, precise, full automation

External Structural Representation

Internal Structural Representation

Workpiece Schematic Diagram 

◆Cuttings Collector

◆Applicstion Fields




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