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Automatic Cutting for Brass Faucet Castings


Key words:  Automatic cutting for brass faucet castings;   CNC cold saw cutting machine;   Casting cloak clearance; Material outlet removal; Robotic saw machine;  Castings’ runner and riser cutting machine;   CNC four-axis cast brass faucet cutting machine; CNC cutting machine for reading; Faucet foundry cutting machine; Water faucet cutting machine;  Brass die pressing cutting machine 

Videos show:

Automatic Cutting for Brass Faucet Castings

   Using the circular  saw, finish automatic linear cutting for brass faucet castings.

◆ Features:
   Safe, efficient, precise, full automation

External Structural Representation

Internal Structural Representation

Workpiece Schematic Diagram 

◆Cuttings Collector

◆Applicstion Fields




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