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Iron casting cutting and grinding machine

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1. Applications
1). Application Scopes
Used for automatic plasma cutting and grinding for iron rough casting pieces, especially for automatic runner and riser removal to rough casting pieces.
2). Replaced Objects
This machine can be used to replace manual plasma cutting and grinding operation , those are Low degree of automation, inefficient, and with potential safety hazard.
2. Machine Introductions
1).External Structural Representation
2).Internal Structural Representation
3). Diagrammatic Drawings of Fixture Design
3. Machine Specifications
1).Standard Machine Configurations
2).Customized Machine
Machines are different with the standard could be customized according to special demand.
4.  Plasma cutting machine:
5. Machine Features
1). Automatic cutting and grinding: once fixed by the fixture, the workpiece could be processed automatically until finished.
2). High security: in order to prevent from unexpected occupational injury and powder flying, the automatic door and light curtains are equipped to separate the operator from saw processing.
3). Easy programming: programming by teaching is used just as robotic system, diverse workpieces could be programmed and saved as the respective production program, maximum 195.
4). Fast exchange for different shaped workpieces: from reinstalling the fixture and loading the saved program, the exchange period could be controlled within 10min.
6. Application Cases
1).Machines in a worksite of one user:
7. Control System Introduction
1).Software System Architecture
2).Software Interface Showing
◆Startup menu:
◆Parameters set:
◆Operation screen:
◆Teaching screen:
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